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Tim Hortons Fredericton & Minto Group

General Office:

612 King Street

Fredericton, NB

E3B 1G1

Tel: 506-462-9944

Fax: 506-462-9940

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Ten Convenient Locations in Fredericton & Minto


Phone 506-462-9951

Phone 506-462-9956

Phone 506-462-9953

Phone 506-462-9952

Phone 506-462-9954

Phone 506-462-9955

Phone 506-462-9958

Phone 506-462-9429

Phone 506-462-9422

Phone 506-327-3514

Contact us by email:
To place a larger order, please call or visit one of our Restaraunts:


  • Tims Take 12 (Coffee, Steeped Tea, Dark Roast or Decaf Available) (Call for Pricing)

    • Served black in multiples of twelve. Milkettes, creamers and sugar provided. 

For Larger Groups

  • Cambros (Coffee, Steeped Tea, Dark Roast or Decaf Available):

    • 35 Cup Coffee (Call for Pricing)

    • 70 Cup Coffee (Call for Pricing)

Deposit on Cambro may be required.


Donuts, Muffins, Cookies, Timbits, Yogurt also available. Please call or visit a Restaraunt for our selection, pack sizes, pricing, and to place an order.

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